design and build

design and build


nu: projects are run to a high professional standard, attributed to working with the very best tradesmen.

Being extremely selective about who to work with ensures all our Chelsea and Fulham builders teams and tradesmen have a wealth of knowledge in their particular trade.Attention to detail, precision planning, craftsmanship and professionalism are a fundamental part of The nu:group’s aim is to transform tired properties into luxury styled elegance in line with the vision for your own home, delivering a finish which adds a sense of comfort, warmth and personality.

Nu: can assist you in every aspect of the design process for your refurbishment, utilising our skilled and experienced architects , interior designers, in-house team of highly skilled, carefully selected local Fulham UK builders and tradesmen to ensure you’re facilitated with a solution perfectly suited to your needs. Our service caters to the convenience of our clients, meaning all refurbishments are completed on time and within budget. For more information, or for a free quote, please contact nu:

For more information or to arrange a viewing give nu: offices a call on 0207 731 6841.

“It’s a big renovation project and we hope to bring back the beauty and style of this house just as it once was in 1880. It’s a rather large and scary project but I am relishing the challenge ahead.”

“I have been to see nu’s previous work and the attention-to-detail, wealth of knowledge and their alliances with the very best tradesmen has won me over.”

“The Victorian house that I bought now has the basement being dug and I like to go there daily with the nu: team and dream about the day when I can start work on the interior design.”
– David Gandy

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Let trusted, recommended Fulham builders help you benefit from the increased property value as well as added comfort and functional family space.


As a modern urban environment, West London and especially Fulham and Chelsea are areas lacking in natural space. For property owners, often the only realistic option in producing this extra space is contacting expert Fulham builders for a basement conversion.

nu: has had a considerable construction presence in West London, and, coupled with our skilled craftsmanship, our intimate knowledge of the area distinguishes us as a valuable service for homeowners looking to create a more spacious family environment.

A basement conversion provides clients with a cost-effective solution for their living needs. As well as having a new bedroom, gym, wine cellar or storage space to utilise, it’ll also considerably increase the value of your property, ensuring your security and comfort in the heart of West London.

site management

Each nu: project manager oversees day to day quality of works on site.

A full set of project management services is implemented to agree professional appointments, fees, scope of works and reduce the risk of contractual disputes and cost over runs. Your project manager oversees the entire construction process for you, so the change process runs smoothly.

considerate construction

nu: are fervent supporters of the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

As featured on Abingdon Road and Tite Street sites, nu: will actively seek to minimise inconvenience to adjoining home owners and members of the public.

nu: are mindful of the fact that long after the works are complete you wish to enjoy your home and reside comfortably with as little hassle as possible.

Complaints from members of the public are always taken seriously and followed up diligently by management.

health and safety

Running a safe site is essential to any project.

nu: complies fully with CDM (construction, design and management) regulations, building in accordance with design considerations and all health and safety policies to uphold safe working procedures and practices with the utmost monitoring and supervision.


building control

Your project manager will work with a team of in-house architects to oversee building control matters on your behalf.

The Building Control service helps make sure that your building project complies with building regulations. Safety in and around buildings is of prime concern. Your project manager will work together with you and a team of in-house architects to oversee building control matters on your behalf, ensure cost and risk reduction management, advise you on the best procurement approach, and manage the change process attentively through to the completion process.

insurance cover

Public Liability Limit of liability £5.000.000 any one incident
Extension Indemnity of Principals
Excess Theft/Malicious Damage £1000 Storm/Flood £500 Other Property £500
Insurers and Policy number AVIVA -25070044 CTC

Cover in connection with the insured’s business to pay for accidental injury to any person or loss of or damage to property for which the insured is legally liable.

Employers Liability: £10,000,000 any one incident
Extensions: Indeminity to Principles
Excess: No excess applies
Insurers & Policy number: AVIVA -25070044 CTC
Contractors All Risks: £6,000,000 Contract Limit/ Subject to Survey
Extension: Indemnity to Principals
Plant cover: £22,000 Own Plant, 250,000 any one item limit for Hired In Plant, Hiring Charges £10,000
Insurers & Policy number: Insurers and Policy number:
Excess: £500 all other claims and £1000 for theft/malicious damage claims

Indemnity for the insured for loss of or damage to Permanent or Temporary Works and Materials at the Contract site or adjacent to it, used in connection with them or whilst in transit withink the UK. Where Insured, also covers Own Plant and Equipment and HIred in Plant and Equipment.


nu: have a proven track record of uninterrupted trading, we are proud to guarantee the quality of builders’ and other workmanship.

The Company offers a comprehensive guarantee to provide reassurance to all of our clients. All of the works carried out at your home will receive the benefit a full nu:builds guarantee

Key features of our guarantee are:
10 years insurance backed guarantee on all structural defects.
30 years waterproofing delta membrane cover.

structural planning

Trusted West London design and build. A team of experienced Engineers ensure projects are designed to safety standards, built on time and within budget.

The technical design for the works will be finalised after a detailed structural survey of the home is carried out. Specifications for the actual reinforcement, concrete and steelwork is then finalised. nu: are based on Fulham High street, known as leading West London builders with a trusted reputation for bespoke, seamless finishes for your dream home’s design.

Since nu: take care of all Party Wall matters from start to finish, full consideration is given neighbouring homes and the need to avoid any type of structural damage. All of this will take place before confirming the final structural engineering design solution.The Party Wall Act permits owners to carry out specific works, including work to the full thickness of a party wall, whilst at the same time protecting the interests of anyone else who might be affected by that work. The Act is designed to avoid or minimise disputes by making sure property owners notify their neighbours in advance of certain proposed works. The Act requires that where the adjoining owner does not ‘agree’ in writing to the works, working with local West London i.e Fulham builders, nu: surveyor is able to determine the time and way in which those works are carried out. A team of experienced Civil and Structural Engineers ensure projects are designed to safety standards, built on time and within budget.